A favorite treat in the 
Swedish amusement parks. 

Nowadays, in almost all of Sweden’s amusement parks, you can enjoy SnowSlush’s delicious and icy fruit drinks. And that’s of course no coincidence. With the tastiest slush on the market, easy to use machines and with a fantastic profit margin, SnowSlush has become a real favourite among both the parks and their visitors. The concept obviously works just as well on a smaller scale and all you need to get going and start making money yourself is water in the tap and an electrical outlet, Garetta will provide you with everything else.

Fresh, fruity flavours you’ll love to
mix in new exciting combinations.

Our proprietary SnowSlush bases are manufactured locally in Sweden and comes in handy five-liter plastic containers. And with nearly two years of shelf life, you'll never need to be afraid keeping a good stock. Quality assurance at all stages is a given. Garetta is certified according GISO, meaning we have a defined structure for in every part of our business.

Today we can now offer:











Making money has probably never been easier, but to summarise
the concept we'd say: easy, tasty, profitable and safe.


Installation and startup is a breeze, but if needed there’s both written manuals and instructional videos available. And you’r just selling the cup, customers serve themselves.


We take pride in carefully, with own recipes, produce the best slush available. Your customers will notice the difference and come back for more. Also perfectly suited for gluten and lactose intolerants.


With a low investment cost and an unbeatable profit margin of 70%, it is almost hard not to succeed. SnowSlush is an excellent complement to both ice cream and assorted drinks. Will increase your overall sales.


You can always count on prompt service, we’ll do everything to minimise potential loss of income if an accident occurs and the machine stops working. Personal support is only a phone call away.

Which machine is
best suited for you?

FBM, fits small spaces without losing capacity.

An easy to use "plug and play” machine. You’ll be mixing the slush at location and when filled up it rapidly cools down to the right consistency. Choose between our machines with one, two or three 10 liter tanks. Easy to disassemble and clean, usually only needed every two to four weeks.

ATLAS, our larger and more advanced park machine.

The larger (15-liters tanks) water-cooled Atlas machines freezes faster can start by itself with a built-in timer, so there’s always ready-frozen slush when customers arrive. By directly connecting both water and BIBs (with BIB changer) it’s completely automatic, leaving you in peace to take care of business. And, a fully loaded machine always sell more.

Soft serve topping!

If you want to offer your customers something really special, you should supplement with one of our versatile and very compact B-cream machines. Because with a topping of creamy soft ice you’ll get a, what we call, "SnowSlush Float"! Probably one of the tastiest thing you’ll ever try.

Get in touch by phone +46 31-87 99 00 or email and
we’ll tell you more about how our popular SnowSlush
concept will boost your business.

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